Aftersales Support

Our expertise in weighing allows us to give you the best customer experience and product value even after your purchase.
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Repair Services

As the manufacturer of the nationally recognized Fuji weighing scales, the technical staff of First Philippine Scales, Inc. are the best people to consult and to repair your weighing devices.

A commitment to aftersales support to our customers, we have two kinds of repair services available to our customers: In-house Repair Services and On-site Repair Services. For more information, contact us below!

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Training Services

As the experts in the weighing industry, we, at First Philippine Scales, Inc., are more than happy to support our customers in integrating and maximizing their investments in our weighing scales, as a commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Standard & Extended Warranty Services

To ensure our customer gets the best value for our weighing scales, First Philippine Scales, Inc. provides warranty services for all of our standard products, which includes maintenance, diagnostics, and repairs services.

Based on our Quality Guarantee, we offer our standard one year Warranty Services on all our products, unless otherwise stated. We also offer Extended Warranty and Maintenance Services for customers who are requesting support beyond the standard one year service, or those who have customized orders that require regular preventive maintenance visits. For more information, contact us below!

How to Reach Out

1. Tell us what you need help with.

Help us understand your current situation, so we know if we can help you. Reach out via a form application, phone, or email.

2. Receive recommendations & quote.

Using our weighing expertise for 40+ years, we will be giving recommendations, as well as a quote.

3. Fulfillment

Timely & instant delivery of our weighing scales, or smooth project timeline fulfillment for sophisticated weighing systems.

4. Level Up Your Business

Congratulations! Now, you have an asset in your business to streamline work & champion efficiency.

In need of any aftersales support for scales you purchased from us?

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