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We customize & integrate weighing scales & systems to help companies automate weighing processes, gather information, audit, measure, & monitor every single ounce of waste & unproductivity through our mastery in weighing – minimizing loss & maximizing efficiency through automation & manageability.

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Have too much manual tasks & becoming unproductive?

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The First Philippine Scales Inc. Advantage

With more than 40 years of expertise in the weighing industry, First Philippine Scales is your end-to-end weighing systems solutions provider that champions accuracy, durability, reliability, cost efficiency, and customizability.

Data Driven

Data is the most important asset of a company. Through the use of weighing solutions, we help companies reduce their waste & use data as a springboard to maximize profitability.

Complete Customizability

Either legacy systems or more modern systems that are at the cutting edge of technology, we can provide customized weighing solutions that are guaranteed to fit your workflow.

Easy Integration

Through integrated weighing solutions, companies will open up the way for automation and increased productivity to achieve their yearly targets.

Weighing Accuracy

With our 40 years of experience, ISO quality system, & ISO calibration lab, you have the best weighing expert by your side. No need to worry whatever the weighing application may be.

Our Expertise

Weighing Expertise

From producing the humble mechanical table scale used in wet markets to complex weighing systems used in highways, complex manufacturing processes, and many more. If you want to know how to apply a science as exact as weighing, consult with our experts today.

Systems Expertise

Each project is different. Studying the weighing environment, choosing the correct weighing components, providing the software and integration to your specific workflow, we've got all of these covered. First Philippine Scales is the ultimate one-stop shop for all your weighing needs.

Aftersales Support

After closing a project, ensuring your weighing systems operates smoothly 24/7 is the next utmost priority. We have the resources and technical expertise to provide you with dependable aftersales support to maximize value for your investment.

Our Weighing Systems Projects

Over the past 40 years, First Philippine Scales has worked with multiple local and international companies in the Philippines and abroad.

Automatic Bagging Machine | First Philippine Scales, Inc.

Automatic Bagging Machine Dispenser

Before having an automatic bagging machine setup, factories needed to manually bag their grains & other ingredients, which takes too long & lends itself to human error. This affected how customers saw their end products with inconsistent quality assurance.

When our clients worked with us to have an Automatic Bagging Machine set up, their factories were now able to consistenly bag a specific weight for specific ingredients. This allowed them to have operational savings by allocating less people in bagging operations & better quality assurance that improved customer perception of the end product.

Batch Weigher | First Philippine Scales, Inc.

Batch Weigher

Before having a Batch Weigher set up, our clients used to measure solid ingredients manually. This would take too long & lends itself to human error, impacting quality assurance.

After having a Batch Weigher installed, our clients were able to automate solid ingredient measurement, and they were able to do it faster, more accurately, & more efficiently. They were also able to save 50% of manhours & 50% of production costs, while increasing production capacity.

check weigher compressed cropped 2 | First Philippine Scales, Inc.

Check Weigher

Before our clients have a Check Weigher installed, they were manually weighing boxes to see if anything is missing. This lent itself to human errors, & they received customer complaints about missing deliveries.

After having a Check Weigher installed, our clients were now able fulfill 100% accurate deliveries, to completely eliminate missing deliveries & drastically reducing customer complaints. Operations also became faster & less prone to human error.

Cement Mixer Weigher | First Philippine Scales, Inc.

Cement Mixer Weigher

Before having a Cement Mixer Weigher, Concrete Batching Plants would manually mix sand, cement, & water before pouring them into a mixture tank. They could not have a perfect, exact cement mixture this way.

After having a Cement Mixer Weigher installed, ingredient mixture operations became faster, more accurate, & more consistent. This led to a big difference in the cement quality output produced for the better.

dolphin weighing scale

Dolphin Weigher

Ocean Adventure needed a way to check dolphin health, in order to tweak the diet they fed them to prepare them for performances. One aspect of dolphin health they needed to measure was dolphin weight.

After having a Dolphin Weighing Scale installed, they were able to monitor the health of their dolphins with more accurate data moving forward.

ferryboat weighing scale | First Philippine Scales, Inc.

Ferry Boat Weighing Scale

Before having a Ferry Boat Weighing Scale, there was no way to know if boarding passengers went beyond the recommended load of a ferry boat, leading to unexpected repairs often.

This Ferry Boat Weighing Scale is designed to prevent ferry boats from overloading with passengers & preserve the structural integrity of the boat.

Hog Scale

Before, farms didn’t have an accurate way of weighing hogs, so they couldn’t sell them at a proper profit.

After having a Digital Weighing Scale, they were now able to accurately weigh these hogs faster, leading to higher profit & easier selling.

Steel Rebar Weigher

Before having a Steel Rebar Weigher, steel plants & mills were always estimating measurements; they don’t know the exact weight of their steel, which led to losses of profits in sales due to wrong steel weight measurements.

After having a Steel Rebar Weigher installed, they now know exactly the weight of steel passing through & being sold by automating the weighing process. As steel producers, they were also able to increase quality assurance in production, resulting in happier & more repeat customers. At the end of the day, our clients also receive the bonus of having the peace of mind that their weighing measurements are right to avoid losses in profit.

Truck Scale Project 3 | First Philippine Scales, Inc.

Truck Scale

Before having a Truck Scale in place, a multinational company (hidden for privacy purposes) did not have a system to track & confirm truck deliveries, which led to mismatched deliveries with no way to track the causes of missing deliveries. 

After having a truck scale installed, this multinational company was able to monitor volume deliveries faster & more accurately through weight. This also helped them with traceability in deliveries to areas where cargo was likely to be lost.

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