Weighing Indicators

Save time & money by automating your company’s operations & processes with our powerful & cutting-edge weighing indicators. Adding value to each process, enabling companies to be smarter.

Your options: Programmable Weighing Indicators, Live Animal Weighing Indicators, Waterproof Weighing Indicators, and many more

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  • Waterproof Weighing Indicators

    Tru-Test Eziweigh 5i Weighing Indicator

  • Waterproof Weighing Indicators

    Tru-Test EziWeigh 7i Weighing Indicator

  • Ultimate Animal Weighing Indicators

    Tru-Test Ultimate Animal Weighing Indicator, XR-5000

  • Programmable Weighing Indicators

    VMC Programmable Weighing Indicator, VC-505

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