Fuji 300-500 kg Hog Scale, FHD-S Stainless Steel Dial Type Series

Streamline the process of measuring your livestock with our Mechanical Dial Type Hog Scale in stainless steel.

✅ Ideal for Hogs, Cows, and other live animals
✅ Weighing mechanisms are placed on top to avoid water stagnation
✅ Legal for Trade
✅ Built with foldable clamps for easy handling
✅ With two (2) separate entry and exit doors
✅ Easy to use, clean, and maintain
✅ With heavy duty wheels for easy transport

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Weight 156.2 kg
Dimensions 1600 × 810 × 1470 mm



FHD-300 S/S, FHD-500 S/S

Weighing Indicator

Mechanical Dial

Capacity (kg) x Graduation (kg)

300 x 0.5, 500 x 1

Outer Cage Dimensions (in)

60 x 28 x 48

Inner Cage Dimensions (in)

58 x 20 x 40

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Quality Guarantee: 7 days replacement & 1 yr. warranty for all products, unless otherwise stated.